The top 10 gift ideas for your ten year anniversary


The ten year anniversary, is a special one. This is your first of the major milestone anniversaries! Celebrating your love at such an important milestone should be done with an event: A nice candlelight dinner, a romantic vacation, or a joyful party with your best mutual friends.

Additionally, it is common to give your partner a well-thought out gift. Traditionally, the 10th year anniversary is associated with tin or aluminum gifts. Tin and aluminum both are very bendable and should remind you of the flexibility a serious relationship requires from both partners.  In modern times, the tin or aluminum gifts have been replaced with diamond jewelry, where the diamond stands for beauty and strength.

We know how hard it can be to find a personal and fitting gift. Here we’ve collected a broad selection of gift ideas that we got from our readers:

Traditional: Tin box ($)tinbox

This is the traditional ten year anniversary gift: Find a beautiful antique tin box and fill it with something your partner loves. Does she like to sew? Why not make a small kit, filled with sewing materials? Or fill it with sweets or pieces of memories from your past. A tin box is also a great place to store jewelry in. For men, tin boxes can be great lunch boxes or places where tools can be stored. For smokers, tin boxes are the ideal place to store smoking utensils.

Cool: Aluminum sunglasses ($$)

Sun glasses can be great gifts. The Ray-ban brand has become the name for luxurious sun glasses. What would be more fitting than a great aluminum sunglasses for your partner: Ray-ban Clubmaster

Don’t be late: Aluminum and diamond watches ($$-$$$)

For men, aluminum watches have a long tradition. While smart watches might be more trendy, classic watches are the number one accessory for men. They come in many shapes, styles and price ranges. Check Amazon for the most trendy ones.

For women, the choice is between the more sporty aluminum and the more elegant diamond watches.

Good morning love: Aluminum coffee makers ($-$$$)

For lovers of the black juice, an aluminum espresso maker can be the right choice. Be it a simple Bialetti stove coffe maker, a Nespresso machine, or a beautiful manual maker, the aluminum look comes great on all of them. An additional perk: Starting the day after your ten year anniversary will be much more easy with a tasty dose of caffeine.

The modern classic: Diamond jewelry ($$$)

In modern times, aluminum and tin have become less valuable as materials. Many people want to express their love with more luxurious gifts: This makes diamond jewelry the modern variant of the traditional gifts.

Goodbye routine: Aluminum luggage:

Stylish luggage is a great gift for most people. There are many options on Amazon that you can select from. If you want to add a special treat: Why not place some flight tickets to Hawaii or Mexico in the suitcase.

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